Clip from "Ace Your Next Promotion"

Ace Your Next Promotion (Seminar DVD Package)
DVD Package + Shipping & Handling

With this DVD you receive Chief Miali's full day seminar along with a seminar workbook with over one hundred and fifty pages of invaluable information such as:

  • Promotional questions used by Chief Miali and other Chiefs for every rank
  • A comprehensive reading list
  • Case law
  • Volumes of information that will assist your career development in leadership, motivational areas and properly prepare you for your next promotional process

Also included in this package is a copy of Chief Miali's book "Unless You're The Lead Dog,The Scenery Never Changes."

Learn from the Chief. It is like having your own Seminar in the privacy of your home and afterwards you have the ability to consult with Chief Miali via his e-mail.

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