Unless You're the Lead Dog, The Scenery Never Changes
By Elvin G. Miali (Police Chief, Retired)

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"Unless You're The Lead Dog, The Scenery Never Changes," is the book that finally takes the guess work out of preparing for a promotional exam! Elvin G. Miali, Police Chief retired, has 37 years of Law Enforcement experience, including 17 years as Chief of Police. He has been on both sides of the table and will tell you in his "no nonsense" style:

* How to get a leg up on your competition
* What the raters are looking for in a candidate
* How to properly study for your written exam
* How to outshine your competition during your presentations

This information can only come from a top administrator. After reading this book you will be more confident in your abilities throughout your promotional process.

Table of Contents:
*Is this the right time to take the "Leadership plunge?"
*So what are the positives for becoming a Supervisor?
*Let's Discuss Areas of Concerns When You Become A Supervisor
*Honest Reflection
*Lets talk about preparation
*Completing the application
*Preparing for the Written Exam 
*Preparing for the Oral Interview
*What do I wear?
*Mock Oral Boards
*Assessment Centers
*The Chief's Interview
*What Happens When I Make It?
*What Happens If I Don't Make It?
*This Is Only the Beginning
*More Good Stuff