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How Do I Prepare For The Position?

How Do I Prepare for the Position? 

Technically, you have been preparing for this position since you were first sworn in as Police Officer. Some will disagree with me but just take a minute to think about it. After you pinned on your badge, you were a sponge and listened to everything that was happening around and especially to your training officer. You were working hard to make probation. Then some of you worked hard at being the best officer you could be in patrol hoping to make it to a specialty assignment. You get the idea. We are constantly learning and working hard to improve. Remember how each year your Supervisor gave an annual evaluation or performance report and the results of that evaluation were, hopefully, discussed with you? If they were not discussed, set up a meeting with your Supervisor and have them explain what process they used to evaluate you and if you have questions or disagree with their evaluation, now is the time to discuss it with them. Normally, you are told of your strengths and weaknesses and areas in which you can improve. Your evaluation should be used as a training tool and with that in mind I know that you have taken the advice from your Supervisors and developed your career accordingly. That is why you’re now ready to proceed in moving up the ranks of your Department. 

We have discussed preparing for this promotional process by education, research, reading, and discussing evaluations with your Supervisors. So what can you possibly do next to improve yourself? Since we have just started, you must realize that this is only the tip of the iceberg, you have a lot to accomplish before you are ready for your promotional exam. There are two areas of concern that I feel are extremely important, and necessary for achieving a successful conclusion to this process. One is getting physically fit; the other is becoming mentally tough. 

I will be delving into these categories in my next blog. Any questions  let me know in “Ask the Chief.”

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